Is There a Positive Side Playing Games?

What activities are carried by many people in your spare time? Probably most will play games or rest. Games or games can be useful for relaxation.

You could say a game or a game is an activity or activities. However, these activities can be classified in recreational activities aimed for fun, leisure time or even light exercise.

The game can be done alone or in groups. In the neighborhood togetherness level is still high, many games are conducted in a gang, especially by children. They do it with their friends while running so intertwined intimacy. That is the hallmark of traditional games in which the element is still strong togetherness.

As era advances, the technology became more sophisticated. Now to play a game people do not need to be gathered together in one place but can still play together. This could occur because of the internet connection. Now all the people from different parts of the world can play together.

People can play games on their home or anywhere. Through a smartphone device owned, they can play.

But are there benefits to play games? There may still be some people who think playing games can have negative effects for the development of a person, especially a child. Might be justified if the game contains elements of violence but in reality, not all the games contain elements of violence.

5 Positive Side Playing Games

For games that exist on most smartphones is a casual game. For a game of this type can provide relaxation and could have a positive effect. According to “Inigame” website there are 5 positive side of the game.

  1. Increase positive spirit

    Building Positive Attitude

    In playing games, you also must have felt winning and losing. When tasted defeat, of course you will try again and try not to repeat the same mistakes.

  2. Improve the performance of the brain

    Ancient Meditation Technique Boosts Brain Performance

    Each game has a difficulty level that is certainly different so that will trigger the players to think in solving a difficulty in the game. Here is also useful for the players in the training of emotion to be able to think clearly.

  3. Improving creativity

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    Game difficulty levels are different can make a person creative in solving a difficulty level in the game. Everyone can do it different ways.

  4. Eliminate stress

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    Game can be a tool for forgetting for a moment the problems being faced in the real world. For example, for students who are facing the exam for one week, after they were able to remove a sense of stress by playing games.

  5. Train foreign language proficiency

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    Most of the games in a foreign language, eg English. Game can be a tool to learn a foreign language if you do not want to take courses that may be more expensive.

That’s 5 positive side of game. There are several games that can be played in a relaxed moment. These games are available in the smartphone. One of them is the game Tofu Heroes.

This puzzle game provides a level of difficulty that is quite challenging for the players. There are various ways to complete each level of the game. For those who are interested, please try this game Tofu Heroes.

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